Time is long fleeting, it has passed

Have not time, the holding Temperate staff China, also, we do not have time to forget. Maybe we even have not seen time is too heavy for free, but time has been stuck with it the fact is all of the moment, we are in memory to put what was left behind in a corner of time, time pace of progress over the gradually gone exclusion also abandoned, it was gone without a trace.

It along with the young people to quietly fade away Teeth whitening, there is no time to indulge in once such a flow that is also accompanied us, we thing exciting is more miscellaneous life, do not forget the time ...... It will continue to beat that

Once, we are always chasing the time of the trace, looking for a pace of time. Once, we in the face of the future of vision, looking forward to the time of silence. Walking in the forefront of this until the time, do you come back to see us who have crossed the pace of time? Elapsed time in a space invisible, how you will be able to cope with waiting here.

1 light of colorful hope flashes in the memory of the soul, we will look back on the past day. Melody of heart gradually the past after it disappeared in the wind away, it has been a flow out to our journey of life. In time of the wind zmot, not only to drift along with the dream of dusty memories, dried the tears of countless ups and downs, that we, out of tears, mind you precipitate the traces of polish on the scratch only, you can leave.