The pursuit of his dream

Life is a road full of the unknown. Everyone ran all come hastily, and hurried to go. Everyone reluctant to stop their own pace .Server Rack, nor did look back to see the foot of the Red, footprints. Always come and gone.

I follow someone else's footsteps, also hastily run in this world. I do not know why he is so confused. No one paved road my life I am free to come and go any road had to wander in a blind. Occasionally, I stop their own pace, hastily crowd, no one would pay attention to my lonely figure. Open your window of heart. There are many things you must understand will have to pursue, life does not give much time to enjoy leisure. Even tired of this world, we must let life continue. Believe in fate dominate life, I'll take it to my all, do not force it to give me happiness.

Walking and happiness in life, just ask regret heart through the day. Even if life has pain it does not matter. In interleaving happy life and pain, the heart is just a blank, looking at the birds of the sky walk university innovations, we will have a sudden heart pain exists. Just close your eyes, everything will not come to life. Everyone in the world is the fate of all this manipulation of puppets, only sleeping heart can cultivars own life.

Look to the way of life at the end, it seems that only a Cangsang and confused. In this confused on the road, I like a broken-winged bird in flight. No direction, only little will to support the move towards the distance services apartment hk. I do not know where life will fall, did not dare to guess the situation after getting up. Cruel fate, who can not escape