When a whole year farmers

Although I was born in the countryside, but it was a small railway station. In the real rural life, only twice Humanitarian nursing. Once in the "social movement" in the countryside to engage in social education while working team. That although in rural areas, but did not do farm work, is a deputy head of the Task Force. Farmers are really doing after graduation, to the countryside to "re-education by poor peasants," it is the real deal to do farm work, when members, a full year did farm work.

That year just graduated assigned to a county, a total of more than 60 college graduates to two points behind the commune to labor training. We are at a point called the "king of the compound" name called "red light" brigade ,, more than 30 people. Another group to eight hundred Shang brigade, also 30 people. We were salaried, but do not pay for food, even with labor "pay for food." I was a head, there are two deputies, called a service group when I was leader, two deputy head. Those who are basically Heilongjiang University, Harbin Institute of Southern Normal (now Harbin Normal University), Qiqihar Teachers College (now the University of Qiqihar), Zhaodong Normal School and other school graduates, remember that it was after the arrival of the Chinese New Year.

Before we did not start Dream beauty pro hard sell, and opened the mobilization. The effect is to seriously re-education by poor peasants, good work, to respect local members, they learn to accept the re-education for the new rural construction and make contributions.