Three youth activities in January

At that time, though we are collectively owned enterprises, but the work is attendance system Trade shows China, according to the labor piecework. During the day we participate in the labor field, writing and Chukan To take advantage of rest or night time. Jun in school is learning members of the class. Poems and prose written very well, and has published poetry and prose (which I learned later) in the magazine, with the monarch and these educated youth to join us The youth activities and more active than before. Every month a journal (mainly organized lectures, singing), we also organized a field blue team, the presence of the portion of the playground erected basketball frame, the field in Nanjing to buy a new bike driving the car, we pulled this Blue team, often to neighboring towns game. Honestly say we farm population less than four hundred to seven hundred acres of arable land will be economic prosperity is known. Take a look at the field office building roof, erected four large high day early in the evening broadcast of which pair, everyone will know.

Our farm is in 1973 by the province invested more than one million, the provincial Agriculture Department is responsible for the completion of the silkworm production base Service apartment Hong Kong, production areas have four three-story Jamsil, every one Jamsil area of ​​over two thousand square meters. Marketing Department has research and laboratory buildings, farm buildings, staff quarters, cadres family member courtyard, living dining room, Marketing Department warehouses, shops and clinics, basketball court. After the road surface and the anterior chamber housing are hardened cement surface, Jamsil Each production areas are fitted with a boiler and refrigeration equipment.

At that time, our busiest period yahoo ranking , from late April to early July, late August to early October. Because these two times is silkworm production stage. Although busy, we just go out to the basketball game temporarily stopped this activity, but other activities, but few stop. Sometimes because of busy, in order to catch the magazine column Jun and I, jump, Apple often work until late at night, I and the king of poetry and prose, as well as jump and apple-talk and write short stories, accounted for almost half of the published column layout, as well as field workers in their contribution, so that our journals are full of every publication, but also a period of more than a novelty.