Casks are also life

One of the carpenters cut a tree and made it a barrel.

A manure, called the manure barrel, everyone dodging.

A loaded water, called the bucket, all with hotel and tourism management.

A wine, called the barrel, the public goods.

A loaded money, called the money bucket, everyone loved.

Barrel is the same, because of the different things are different fate.

Life is so, what kind of concept, what kind of life, what kind of idea, what kind of life!

Wolf line thousands of miles to eat meat, Ma line thousands of miles to eat grass, live fish upstream, dead fish drift Hong Kong Arrivals.

There is such a word I really appreciate: really tired? Tired on the right, comfortable is left to the dead!

Bitter - is life

Tired - is the job

Change - is the fate

Tolerance - is the experience

Capacity - is wisdom

Static - is the cultivation

Homes - is to get

Do - is to have

If, feel at this time of their very hard, tell yourself: easy to go are downhill, hold on, because you are going uphill!

Ramen said: To be successful, some people have to pull one.

Dumpling said: skinned not too thin.

Wowo said: still leave a good eye hong kong tourist attraction.

Tofu said: the key stage, need to "point of."

Shrimp said: red day, is the time of compassion.

Beer said: Do not worry, there is always let you bubble time.

Bread said: small, more substantial, great, feel empty.

Fried dough sticks that: not suffering, not mature; always suffering, will become the old fritters.

This is life, the road to success can not do without the help of the elite, the teacher's instructions, a friend's understanding, villain stimulation, family support.

Life is not easy, and the line and cherish.