The will of the poor

I have been a lawyer for nearly three decades, of course, often to deal with the legacy of the matter, usually require lawyers to deal with heritage people, mostly rich people, but I have to deal with a case, write a will, but not a lot of heritage Of the priest.

Twenty years ago, a young priest in the country of Nantou County wrote to me, saying that their old priest was ill and needed a lawyer to testify to his will - I believe in Catholicism. I went to, of course, hope I can free service nuskin hk.

As a Catholic, I felt obliged to go to it at once. Although the old priest seriously ill, but do not want to stay in the church, living in the church. When I went, he was very clear, but very weak, has been unable to speak, the testament is probably his oral, others write.

The main content of this will is written on the new young priest, the old priest in the will told the new priest a lot of things, for example, one of the faithful recently unemployed, the mood is very unstable, the old priest hope that the new The priest must go to help him find a job; so and so alcohol, the old priest told the new priest to help him quit drinking; a certain country students do not want to study, all day mixed, the old priest want the new priest to discipline the child; Young people working in Taichung, may participate in gangs, the old priest invited the new priest must make the young man not to go astray nuskin.

I remember there are about seven cases, the old priest has repeatedly told the new priest must take care of them seriously. The last sentence of the will, "All my property is left to Father Chang," is the new young priest.

I will read it again, asked the old priest is not really written the will, the old priest nodded, he has been unable to sign, and we took his finger drew a charge, so to complete the formalities.

A few days later, Father Chang told me that the old priest had died, and I told him that the will had come into effect. I was curious to ask him how much property the old priest.

The new priest told me that they found out that he had NT $ 200 in cash and some old clothes and books. Even though twenty years ago, NT $ 200 was nothing. The old priest was obviously a poor man. Man, the new priest does not seem to have any inheritance from the old priest.

Every year I receive a report from Father Fr. Chang, explaining how he handled the seven cases. He seems to have handled it well and has had good results. Four years later, I told him that he had done so according to the will of the priest, and that he would not have to report it again nu skin.

Twenty years later, my secretary found the case in the filing, but also brought back the idea I went to Nantou country, I tried to contact the young Zhang was the priest, he was still there, I said I Want to see him, he is very welcome.

Twenty years ago, I felt comfortable in the countryside here, the air fresh, good scenery, and no traffic jams, and now this impression even more intense.

At that time the young priest is now middle-aged, he greeted me on the one hand to sit down, on the one hand is still dealing with many things, I feel this small village everyone to take care of him, he and I talk less than a few Minute, someone will come to him.

We talked for a while, I decided to ask Father a question, to solve my heart doubt. I asked his old priest know that he only NT $ 200, why should he said in the will to his property to him?

Father Zhang said he did not understand, he thought the old priest old confused. But a few years later, he finally understand.

He said he was back from the United States finished his master's degree, he graduated from the United States star university, master's degree in biochemistry, always thought he would be sent to university to counseling college students, did not expect to be sent to the mountain country, he said here Of the faithful had no interest in his knowledge, and he was somewhat uneasy and somewhat disappointed.

But he had done it in the same manner as the old priest's will. Once he began, he devoted himself to caring for the villagers. He found that many people needed his help and he helped them all day.

One day, he suddenly found that he has a special thing, is the peace of mind, and he knew that if he did not love, he would not have this peace.

Old priest then told his wife, and then said to his property to him, the old priest's property is spiritual peace, peace of mind is not in vain to get, and only really love people, to have it, the old priest's meaning Is: "Young priest, if you can really love, you can get peace of mind."

The priest told me he was still in touch with his old classmates and old friends. They also often see him, and they are compared, he does seem to have nothing, but he felt the peace, but not his classmates can enjoy.

When I drove back to Taipei, I decided to keep the will well, because it involved an immense amount of property. The most important thing was that when the person who wrote the will passed away, there was nothing, The poor.