Decades of thinking into ash

I am very inferior.

May have recently encountered more things, always involuntarily think of you.

In this world, maybe no one like you can see through my mind, like you to me good.

When did we begin to become more and more alienated? Oh, from my fierce your friends. I have said no regrets, that thing I have no regrets, but I know I owe her an apology. "I'm sorry." She can not see, but you will see, you will convey to me, is not it. I am sorry.

Ten years ago, how do we know it? Can not remember, in short, we became friends. I miss the time together with a group of people, then I often mention that period of time and others.

Our first time is three years after the acquaintance, just three years, feelings have been flooded. But I clearly remember that I did not listen to my most often heard of the "Kunming Lake", "9 Princess", "cycling lovers", and I do not know, , But the single cycle of a night of "after dawn." Singing the song: after dawn will no longer pull your hand.

I thought we were so separate, it seems that someone sent a picture to you, when I sent is ... ... a possession of the first poem. Well, a possession of the first poem, you can easily see through the possession of the first poem. I do not know because it is the first possession of the first poem, had a better choice you actually chose to stay with me, I was ecstatic.

Originally good in the end is how we come to this step? Say to say, or back to the origin. Everything from your choice and I stand on the same front seems to have been doomed, no matter where you are, you will always be so good, then, more and more good friends, you can bring to my Can not give the wonderful. Each time the size of the school broadcast results when you are always in the first second, the beginning, I was very excited to tell others, hey you listen to you, that first is my friend Yeah, is my best Oh friends. And then lead to an envious eyes. You are more and more popular, of course, before you are so popular, but more and more your friends, we eat together more and more time, you have the best friend, always inseparable. I think your friend is also my friend, I take each person very seriously. Until that day ...

I do not know how to start, and probably I am anxious to use the phone, like my dad anxious to call me back to him, my cell phone in your friend's hand, I get, she and I joke that does not give, And then we quarreled, and finally I get back the phone, and I fell out with her, and I stubbornly terrible, she came to apologize to me, I do not accept, I do not see her ignore her. Everyone said I was doing too much, you seem to have said such a thing. So from that time we began to become more and more alienated. Like a wound, even if the knotted scar, but it will not be intact.

I looked at you getting better and better, also farther and farther away from me, I am more and more low self-esteem, have thought and her apology, I was wrong, I should not be so stingy, even a joke are not open. But I dare not speak, maybe the opening can restore something, but I was inferior and proud. With the arrival of the last exam, we eventually dispersed, since the end of the world, no contact.

I did not expect to see you, never join the class classmates of me, in a day doing nothing about a friend to go out to play, I thought only two people, did not expect is a group of people, a group of alumni do not know. You are in it. How happy I am. After that you seem to give me a phone call, you say, why not a year I have been mouthful Nanpu. I do not know, I am a particularly vulnerable to assimilation of people, right, particularly vulnerable to assimilation. What I met, what happened, what kind of decision, are rarely my original intention.

In the absence of your day, I became a met what will become what people. You commented on me that you should come and see me. Maybe I'm not the one you know. But I still look forward to you can see through my mind at a glance. In that year I was found to have a heart problem, all to comfort me, only you do not, you see through I do not have sad, so do not have to comfort. Yes, in addition to you who can see my thoughts. You can see through my possession of a poem, see through my heart, see through my everything. However, you have not around me for many years.