A touch of the Huaihe River

Unintentionally, the accident came to the edge of the Huaihe River, more than once. Huaihe always feel that I have a touch of love, and I can not tell the meaning of the Huaihe River Road, unknown meaning rent apartment Hong Kong.

When I saw in the flood of the Huaihe River, it is how magnificent ah, stalwart of the body is shocking. Standing on the river, looking at the vast river, Dunsheng lofty sentiments of Wu. Frequent on the river from the cargo ship, a symbol of its steady stream of vitality. When you see such a Huaihe River, you can not be indifferent, you will feel in your body will have a moment of a new energy. Yes, it comes from the Huaihe River injection, it will help you have a new understanding of everything, it is so amazing!

I have seen the dry season of the Huaihe River, although the masculine atmosphere of high-spirited beauty, but added to the tenacity of calm temperament, seems to become more mature. Not only did not lose the worth, but more worthy of our appreciation. We appreciate its strength in the face of adversity, admire it in the trough of the silent, honestly it always paid in silence online advertising.

Every time when they stroll out stroll, unconsciously or accidentally came to the Huaihe River side of the accident, like there is some power of the guidelines. Want to jump, enjoy the Huaihe River in a bath. Good want to swim from the shore of the small terminal to the middle of the river shoals, where support barbecue, quiet and enjoyable to enjoy the food. Want to have a pair of big wings, looking for the Huaihe River through the place, has been flying down. Perhaps these imagination is always impossible to achieve, maybe after much deliberation, I can do is still along the shore quietly go. Occasionally raised to look up at the sky, from time to time bent down, lifted the bits and pieces of the spray, feeling the tender and delicate. However, enough.
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A touch of the feelings of the Huaihe River, always sink in my heart.