When we fall in love

When the one you love let me love dearly, when love feelings be hurt care, when arguments become every day theme when we are tired, this is not a fragile heart, really seems to hold what has to loose grip; but to give up what, for a long time had to face and accept.
In this world, there are too many love to finally become a kind of injury, I suddenly began to fear, helpless eyes, loss of inexplicable sadness, a little sad, a little distressed, and looked about your dribs and drabs, tears like spring, drop in the pen the paper, without any light with colorful, a line of text WAN Optimization Solution.
Carrying the memory along the way scenery, warm and moving, deep imprint, it became the heart of the endless desolation, pause the pen, see the paper flying words carefully, even so petrified. I know; too much as long as in the past, there is no memory of the past.
The past, this is a kind of word, why the memory mounted so clearly visible, never fuzzy! Always thought that as long as you love, as long as I love, love will not never have scars, happiness is a very simple life, but I was really wrong! Originally, love, actually not so simple.
In life, the bumps are inevitable, feelings, quarrel is so, there is no direct way of happiness at first sight Everything is going smoothly., no road, with all the time in the running and ruthless, are a witness to the other side of the bridge, can hold to go to the end to see yourself.
Over days, more and more gradually, so much misunderstanding and suspicion, even how to toss his breathing is difficult to explain, explain the misunderstanding, adhere to the heart to hurt in love, love, but is this really the case? The more you care about, the more you end up hurting? When we fall in love, when it hurts!
Quietly looking out the window of the sun, the weary body and mind how all not experience this summer, it gave me the vitality, contemplating too many things, will inevitably make blind and disorderly conjectures in mind, this is an inveterate habit, but also so quietly, with all the nerve Business Programme BBA.
The previous day, is always beautiful, we always talk about the topic, even if the distance will be closer to each other's heart, laughing as the most beautiful and sweet, never have any negative tired and hurt, I miss those days, what all don't understand my eyes sometimes a pretend to know you, my eyes always happy pure princess.
Life, there will always be too many things from the whole do not understand the last to know, the experience of the long road, the church has too many things, if, really do not look so thoroughly, and it is not a good thing! Remember you said, your eyes of love is always like a fairy tale story in general, so beautiful and sacred, but the fairy tale of the world, and not so good.
Every day with you in the days, I more and more tired, even dare to face you, because too much love, can not bear to see you sad and sad, but you are always suspicious of the skeptics, don't you know that some things are not as you want ah, I know you care about and doubt that is because you love me, but you can give me a space to completely believe me?
Sometimes, I want to take my heart in front of you put out, let you look inside how, see an eye will understand me at all, is not really as you want; some things, I want to find a more appropriate explanation, repeatedly listen to you can understand every time at the end of the day, always can't explain to you Hong Kong Stop over.
I understand you wronged, I know you know so much more fragile, pay for my heart, from the heart to know more about your temper engraved on the heart and memory, and almost all of you understand, but; my love, can you give me a little trust, believe that everything I do not violate his conscience, you have been consistent from beginning to end.
When we fall in love! Look at your eyes with tears, your heart wronged, the sad I did, I know, love her, give her all I know, love her, don't let him sad, I know that happiness is not a quarrel and hurt, but these, can you tell me in the end how to do? Do it again, you still don't understand.