WeChat era

This is a mobile phone control of the times.

Some people like to bring the convenience of mobile phones, it was dazed in the mobile phone to bring a sense of loss. When you are surrounded by a message, you can not shallow to see their souls, simply dialogue with their own. When you are in the flood of information, your situation will be worse, in the virtual world of the spirit of the busy green will also people from the real more and more. Even more lasting, the more you will have a sense of powerlessness and even escape to reality dermes.

Want to keep in mind the positive effects of mobile phones, and the reality is that the negative effects of mobile phones more and more prominent. Some people become more and more impatient, it was inseparable from the phone, more and more not good at the reality of communication and dialogue. Even in the virtual world of joy, in reality there is nothing to say embarrassing situation.

Someone brazenly to quit the network, but in this everywhere remind you have available WIFI times, you seem to have to surrender, once again become boring bow family. One day the world down, cervical discomfort, two weak. More and more become scraper drug addicts suv car rental.

I admit that in this era of information technology, mobile phones to people's lives brought about great changes. In the micro-circle of friends circle through the world of the times, it seems that no circle is like to become aliens. Some people rely on the circle of friends to sell business to get rich, some people in this quick success of the external environment has become impetuous. Some people leisurely happy in this scraper, known as electronic knowledge.

I still expect people to either make a living or knowledge or entertainment, we must grasp the degree, that can not be self-sustaining addiction can not be respected. If you can put down the phone moderately, people talk to each other, I believe that the reality of the conversation to obtain the soul of the temperature must be higher than the virtual world through the night talk. We are a little gas ground, not installed on the tall, even if they are handed a cigarette lala friends to talk about their children around the neighborhood, to maintain a taste of fireworks, a grass smell of incense, a taste of the soil . Even if we can not return to the pure point of origin, at least we can easily no longer prepared to talk about the heart of life and even human life, will feel no living.

Everyone understands that true happiness does not depend on how much money you have, but on the spiritual abundance and contentment. So when people around you are still show off their wealth, please keep their share of Shen Shouzhu. Everyone has their own well-being of the fulcrum, remember who he is, see their own world of green mountains and rivers, smell the flowers of the world of their own. Perhaps a calm and stable is a kind of happiness. Perhaps the kind of low-key effort is a kind of happiness .

This is a busy era of micro-letters, life changes around us with each passing day, but please a little leisurely point. Can let the warmth of life is the real help each other, even if it is a fall over the hands stretched over or frustrated when handed over a glass of water or a former one after the two figures of the rambling, real communication and real walk In recent years, our lives will enter the heart of the oxygen bar, in order to enjoy the spirit of the sun, wind, rain, will feel the beauty of life flowery, will feel the road spacious and spacious, will feel the joy of dream brilliant.