the sun is always behind the storm

Mountain no cliffs are no longer dangerous, the sea is no stormy no longer magnificent, the river is no ups and downs no longer magnificent, life is not frustrated hard no longer strong. Cherry blossoms if there is no white blooming I first open the boldness, it will not be a beautiful spring thriving, lotus if there is no silt and not dye the will, it will not become a summer gentleman; plum if not proud The courage to froze the snow, it will not be a brutal winter in a beautiful scenery; people do not adhere to the perseverance in the end, it will not become a tight military training in a bright star QV Baby cream.


As the saying goes: "drop down any people who also must first suffer their minds, labor its bones, hungry its body skin, empty its body ... ..." military training, really let me learn a lot, between students Unity and friendship, teachers and students love, military and civilian situation, a lot of feelings co-fermentation, condensate into my mind the most beautiful memories! Military training is the first class since college students. Every year there are a few new students can not stand military training, but I know I can stick to it, because I want to contact the military is how to do things. I want to learn how they do things and how they do things, how to ask for their own. Because before I went to college to know the military training by the military soldiers to train us these new students. I know that this is my last career in my military training, and I want to take this memory well; more treasured nine days of military training life facial recognition app.

On the first day of the military training we put on the military service that we had sent down. I feel that I am now a man without molding, I feel that this is a special weight in my hands, it is not just a dress, but also a responsibility. It is a kind of play. I believe i will be successful! Perseverance to complete the military training, although very tired every day but incomparable, I do not feel how tired to finish the nine days of training. In this nine-day training, I also thought back, retreat is easy but in the future memories will leave regret, I do not want to leave the memories of the future reverie. I stick to it. I understand a truth: "To people before the show, you have to suffer behind Social Sciences programme."

Standing on the pitch, lying, righteous, turn left, right, step, step ... ... weekdays seems the most simple action even have so many rules, and make us exhausted. But in the long military posture, kicked the positive step, endured endless reprimanded ... ... so that we slowly become strong up. Is that we become mature, calm, let us know how the soldiers were made. Unknowingly nine days so that the end, I want to say from the heart of the military training: Thank you! Military training, thank you, let me grow so that I realized that the way to life is not always smooth sailing, often there will be thorns, and bumpy counterparts. Once, we laugh together, tears too. Today, we have experienced wind and rain, to withstand temper. Tomorrow, we meet the brilliant rainbow. I am in this military training in the truth: "people only experienced the setbacks will become more mature, in the face of difficulties will be more strong.We put down a sad, carefully picked up the intermittent dream, with Devout faith and unwavering determination, proactive in college, in life, courageous. "


Bitter, let us cherish the sweet now.

Tired, let us experience beyond the limits of physical pleasure.

Strict, let us more stringent demands ourselves.

At the end of the military training I tried to make myself sing loudly "The sun always after the storm": life on the road sweet and joy is willing to share with you all the inevitable fall and wait to be brave rise who would like to hide in the shelter The port is rather booming freedom is willing to be your heart lighthouse waiting in the fog to let you see through the sun always in the clouds after the clouds have clear sky, cherish all the moving .........