What summer, 100

Through Jackson Guangzhou and Ann temple in Zhejiang, the original Jinhua Shuanglin temple monk. After ten years, hard chanting, seek the meaning, usually taciturn, they gave him the nickname: "no language".
Once, no language is devout worship a Zen came to ask:
Who is the Lord's prayer?"
Finger zen Buddha statue asked: "what is this?"
No ytall shocked, could not answer hair transplant hong kong.
That night, the language is not wearing neat, go to the temple room to visit the zen. He said: "the day after, the master asked the question, I studied for a long time, also do not understand the intention to consult."
The Zen man asked, "how many summer has the Lord been?" (every year after a monk called Summer nuskin hk)
Ten summer."
"The monk?" Zen and asked.
Don't talk more lost.
The master said: "if you don't understand, and what summer 100 ielts test!"