The ancient enchanted mirror

When walking on earth must have three Taoist Magic - Taomu Jian Fu, mirror, catch demon.
Shen Mo as a taller than the fairy also like fairy Taoist, can rely on face to eat, also have this kind of magic three dermes vs medilase.
Speaking of Mo Shen, he knows the whole central China, the monarch also want to ask him to do the purohita, but he is reluctant to get involved in the palace grounds, declined. I only know that he is lazy, too lazy to enter the Palace back 180 bar rules.
He is a lazy, but I could not understand why he was so lazy, also happens to have to walk around the taoist. He never take the initiative to catch the monster, only to catch the delivery of the monster, and for the same.
Even so, the "rabbit" or a Gesanchawu dial, various attack plot, bored, so I am very puzzling. Cherish life you do not understand.
Oh, you ask me, what am I dermes vs medilase?
He is my master.
Who am I?
I am the three magic weapon of the magic mirror.
As a mirror, I can always see the beauty of bone or bone can not sink the monster, the biggest hobby is to see beauty, often see the pretty girl over twisted waist always shining eyes, face a amorist appearance: "Wow, great beauty."
Me: "Oh, fairy."
Then they had to reluctantly go to Shen Mo beauty skin chops, playing monster. Finally, with deep hatred and resentment and asked: "you will not be late again, let me see his eyes?"
"No!" I categorically interrupted him.
Why not?
Because I like Mo shen.
I don't know how Shen Mo took me out from the demon world fire in the prison, tortured me, return to the world first opened his eyes to see people, and he is the backlight station. At that time, he was gentle, the eyes of the mouth with a warm smile: "wake up?"
I looked at him for a long time and asked, "who are you?"
He lengleleng, finally got a handsome face smile: "I was a Taoist priest, you follow me, I will protect you."
Battered by the moment I like spring the voice of comfort, "gallops" sound dermes vs medilase, unexpectedly so at first sight.
"Then you call it cha."
"...... Can I go back?"
He suddenly smiled softly: "not like spring breeze."
So the Mo sink became my master, the fact that the girl really impulsive unrequited love.
Where is he to protect me, obviously I protect him.
Mo Shen is a feeble, simply relying on the face to win the false priests, not every monster sex temptation to be eaten I put forward throw: "go, cha!"
Then I get up, kick down the monster, they will beat black and blue. Then Mo sink again happy to run to come over, put them into gourd purification.
Because I can pinch the demon dragon, can kick the fox, never missed, so two years down, the fame of Mo Shen, Lian Guojun to please, as everyone knows, all that is me.
Once again the end of my life feeling sighs, on the opposite side of the fish hear, look eagerly: "were you uncomfortable?"
Then, to my bowl with a chicken.