Step by step forced

The first impression of Zhao Yi is not very good.
At that moment, from north to south just flammable, office chair not sit warm received an urgent task, very worried with less than twenty minutes to the first team squad went to the Rich International Hotel, six star hotel, beautiful decoration, of course he was in no mood to appreciate the target person to the room where early by his colleagues together video with eavesdropping equipment, he received a tip that the front has one of their players in the set of targets, flammable immediately with teams to hide in a listening room, found nothing wrong at any time to catch up Cloud Monitoring.
Then, the combustible from the white screen to see Zhao zhao.
The picture quality is very bad, the flammable Rao is a pair of eyes on the screen are not resolved in the room two people's appearance, but two of them act he still look a crystal clear, explicit dressed woman dress sexy is out of her leg to seduce another body shape is large enough fat, fat color see up, the woman did not hesitate to come forward several steps, very quickly in the thigh fat straddle. See several other men have a flammable face fan fan appearance, he dryly swallowed a mouthful of slobber, quickly picked up the headset on, soon heard the headset came in a cold with a sexy voice: "Mr. Chen told me, brother Chon twelve noon tomorrow you will be trading in Nanping road at that time, there will be a number of goods come from Vietnam, want me to accompany you to go to reenex facial?"
The fat man was not being teased has lost all preparedness, he seems to have had a big mouth buried in Zhao Ruyi's neck, said Yi Yi "is a little hum, all afternoon, there are a lot of good smuggled goods, of course you can't go, I will give you your fun italy......" Then, see Zhao Ruyi flammable raises a head with monitoring the charm of a smile, hurriedly put down the flammable headset, shouted "catch up!" And they soon arrived, the room door crashed, is preparing to take off his trousers of fat to firmly grasp.
The room air-conditioning was very low, flammable just want to turn away, suddenly reminded of what turned himself, then the coat to cover the body with Zhao, Zhao Ruyi looked at him, eyes like a thousand one hundred turn back. "Hello, I'm your new team leader. I call it flammable." I heard them before the flammable group has a beauty SWAT lurking in a smuggling arms trafficking team undercover for a very long time, it should be in front of the woman reenex facial.
He also heard Zhao Ruyi at the most notorious men who use, normal orientation has not been fascinated by her beauty. Flammable carefully looked satisfied, she is really a long makes other women jealous of the beauty face, the Oriental face has a standard deep facial features, smile when the eyes of a beauty spot especially elicitpeople have, of course, she rarely smiles, only on a mission to make the cliches of the meter when you can laugh a few perfunctory, flammable can clearly feel, this woman bones is a well ingrained cold, as if born with characteristics.
But the thought of her beauty has been in service, flammable eyebrows not naturally a bit tight.
See her stay Leng did not speak, flammable and embarrassed, after all, is the first time they see, "well, this is done you can end successfully undercover identity back, back to our car."
"Well, I've got the tape and the tape down here, and I'll go back to the police station when you finish."
Flammable also did not say what, turned and walked out of the room, Zhao Ruyi deft hands down eavesdropping and video equipment, but obviously she is absent-minded, don't know what things, when these things she can be ready in three minutes, she just drag for half an hour.
"Yes, at least he's my boss now, and we have so many opportunities to work together......" She murmured, mouth suddenly brought a charming smile, just want to go out of the room when Chon suddenly appeared, this handsome tall man at the moment his eyes filled with lust, he forced a put down on the bed to Zhao ruyi.