Beijing 'food ambassadors' include Da Dong founder

Da Dong founder Dong Zhenxiang and 13 others have been named "food and beverage culture ambassadors" by the Beijing Food and Beverage Industry Association, a move to promote the capital's culinary industry warrant calculator.

Dong's "super-lean" approach to Peking roast duck was developed to make the traditional duck less greasy and more suitable for modern diners. It lowers the fat content of a roast duck from 42.38 percent to 15.22 percent, according to the restaurant Filing Cabinet.

Dong's team has also been able to replace the traditional brick oven with electric ovens while maintaining a similar taste and crispness of the duck.

The list of culinary ambassadors also includes Zhao Yuxian, general manager of Bian Yi Fang Group, as the ambassador of Beijing's closed-oven Peking roast duck, Wang Gang, chairman of the board of Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant, as an ambassador of Sichuan cuisine; and Hua Lei, chairman of board of Huajia Yiyuan Restaurant, as an ambassador of new-style Beijing cuisine almo nature.