Skin care products with the best replenishment effect

Break the tremella into small flakes, rinse and soak with water, and then clean it. Then put it in the pot and boil it with a full amount of water. It's a small fire for 2 hours.
Skin care products with the best replenishment effect
Tremella cooked to thick soft rotten degree, scoop out some white fungus soup, put other containers, used these to do tremella soup Tremella mask .
In the silver ear soup to make the mask, put some ice sugar, wait until the ice sugar is dissolved in some clean wolfberry, and then cook for 2-3 minutes. The silver ear soup used to make a mask can scoop a little more and use it as an eye film.
Skin care products with the best replenishment effect
After cooling the mask with the tremella soup, take out the paper mask, put the paper mask in it for 5 minutes, then it can be applied to the face, and the time is about 10 minutes.
In the middle of the way, remember to put some more silver soup on your face. After 10 minutes, you can wash it with clean water, or do not wash it. And then do the normal skin care program.
Skin care products with the best replenishment effect
The nutritional effect of Tremella mask health preserving Recipes: Tremella mask can not only whiten and replenish water, but also supplement collagen, anti wrinkle and anti-aging. Regular use will make the face smooth and delicate. Not only girls can do, boys can do, pure natural, non-toxic effect.
Correct water supplement for 24 hours
Early morning
In the morning, moisturizing and skin care should start in the morning. In the long morning sleep time, the skin does not absorb the excess water. It is necessary to drink a large glass of water to replenish the water, nourish the dried skin and nourish the dry skin, and also enable your body function to resume operation and promote metabolism. MM also need to pay attention to the water that is not too hot when cleaning the face in the morning. After washing the face with the face cream, it is necessary to use the toner and moisturizing cream to help the skin replenish the moisture .
Skin care products with the best replenishment effect
If you face a computer, you will be in an air-conditioned room, so the moisture of the skin will be lost. In this case, you need to carry a small bottle of moisturizing spray, direct spray on the skin, gently massage, at any time to drink water to the skin. Of course, drinking more water is also the best way to supplement the water. It is cheap and simple.
Skin care products with the best replenishment effect
Lunch at noon, here is to say, the dry and wet degree of the skin is also very close to the eating habits of practice oh. Beauty experts, in order to maintain skin elasticity and moisture, should eat foods rich in collagen protein, collagen is the main component of skin, skin cell protein content accounted for more than 71% of the collagen cells become full, thereby filling the skin to maintain skin elasticity and moisture.
Skin care products with the best replenishment effect
The best time for skin care is before 10 p.m., because 11 o'clock to 2 o'clock in the morning is the most active part of skin cells. At this time, high efficiency skin care products should be used to achieve the purpose of deep nourishment and repair. If you want to keep moisturizing at this time, it's better to make your skin drink enough water .