Legal adviser for school stormed "firewall"

2018/01/25 12:26
Not long ago, Fujian Provincial Department of Education issued a circular calling on all kinds of schools in all levels of the province to establish a system of legal consultants to effectively give play to the important role of legal consu..


Parents how to choose international schools

2018/01/09 12:41
Four steps to choose an international school Hope, that is, on-site observation of the school's school environment Each international school has its own campus environment different because of its different strength in running schools. T..


Build a second home for students

2017/12/20 17:34
Education should enrich the lives of students, give students the chance to take on challenges and succeed, and boarding is an extension of this process. In the "Boarding Day Program" launched by Ningbo Hezhou Experimental School in Ningbo, ..